Vidya Samunnathi –educational schemes of Kerala State Welfare Corporation for Forward Communities (2023)

Started in the financial year 2013-14, under this scheme scholarships will be given to students studying from high school level to post graduation. Special scholarships will be given to students studying professional courses like CA/ICWA/CS and those studying in IIT, IIM, NIT and similar National Institutes.

Financial assistance will be provided to economically backward students from forward communities who are undergoing training for various competitive exams like Medical/Engineering entrance coaching, Civil Service/Bank/PSC coaching and the like.

An amount of Rs. 10,000 will be granted to 840 on going higher secondary students and those who completed higher secondary (before 2 years). These students can apply for medical/engineering coaching assistance scheme of Samunnathi.

Educated people who have acquired basic qualifications for the competing exams in Bank, UPSC and PSC will get an amount of Rs. 6000 for 700 people as financial assistance under this scheme.

Besides this, separate financial assistance will be given to students preparing for the Civil Service exams. An amount of Rs. 15,000 for Preliminary, Rs. 25,000 for Main exams and Rs. 30,000 for Interview will be granted accordingly.

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