University of St. Thomas (UST) Acceptance Rate & Average GPA (2023)

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UST can be found in Saint Paul, MN, a nonprofit private college which focuses on only a select few programs offered. Nearly nine thousand students are enrolled at University of St. Thomas.

Students can submit either the SAT or ACT exam scores at University of St. Thomas. A score between 1160 - 1350 on the SAT exam, or 24 - 29 on the ACT exam is among the 25th - 75th percentile range among accepted students. By applying sampled GPA data from over 150 schools, we are able to estimate that the University of St. Thomas (UST) average GPA ranges from 3.35 to 3.57 for accepted students. UST has an acceptance rate of around 81% with 27% of applicants deciding to enroll. You can get more information from the admissions office website at

Overall University of St. Thomas (UST) Acceptance Rate - Fall 2020


The overall acceptance rate for University of St. Thomas was reported as 80.5% in Fall 2020 with over 7,230 college applications submitted to UST. Both in state and out of state applicants are included in these figures. We do not have data on transfer acceptance rates currently.

Accepted Applicants Profile

  • UST ACT Scores: 24 - 29
  • UST Average GPA: 3.35 - 3.57

How Hard Is It to Get into University of St. Thomas?

Applicant Selectivity: Medium

The applicant selectivity of UST is about average, as determined by collecting standardized test scores e.g. ACT/SAT and high school average GPA ranges of students who were granted admissions from previous years.

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Historical Trend and Acceptance Rate 2023 Projection

The historical trend chart shows acceptance rates from the previous years, from which we have projected the acceptance rate for the 2023-2024 school year. The overall acceptance rate trend for University of St. Thomas has been slowly getting lower over the recent years.

Acceptance Rate By Year

  • 2016-2017: 82.7%
  • 2017-2018: 84.2%
  • 2018-2019: 80.4%
  • 2019-2020: 80.5%
  • Projected UST Acceptance Rate 2023-2024: 75.7%

How Does University of St. Thomas (UST) Compare?


This School

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National Avg

The acceptance rate for University of St. Thomas is forty-two percent higher than the national average of all colleges which is around 56.7%.

Nearby Similar College Acceptance Rates

SchoolAcceptance Rate
Macalester College32.3%
St Catherine University67.3%
Hamline University67.7%
Augsburg College76.2%

Admissions Rates & Enrollment Rates - Details

General Recommendations & Requirements for Admissions

  • High School GPA Scores are Required
  • High School Class Rankings are Recommended
  • School Records are Required
  • College Prep Classes are Recommended
  • Submit Recommendation Letters are Recommended
  • Standardized Test Scores (SAT,ACT,...) are Required
  • TOEFL Exam (Foreign Language Students) are Required

Number of Applicants, Percent Accepted, and Enrolled Students (Fall 2020)


Average ACT/SAT Scores of Applicants to University of St. Thomas (UST) (Fall 2020)

SAT® SectionScore Range
Critical Reading570 - 660
Math590 - 690
Total Score1160 - 1350
ACT®Score Range
English22 - 29
Math23 - 28
Composite Score24 - 29

To learn more about the data and calculations that power this site, please visit our data discussion page.

University of St. Thomas (UST) Acceptance Rate & Average GPA (2)

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School Details


2115 Summit Ave
Saint Paul, MN 55105-1078


(651) 962-5000


School Code


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What GPA do you need for UST? ›

The minimum requirements for automatic admission: Completed application. Official transcript. Cumulative GPA of 2.8 or higher (on a 4.0 scale)

What GPA do you need to get into St Thomas? ›

Transfer of 28 credits or more from an accredited U.S. college or university with a cumulative GPA of 2.75 or higher.

What is the average GPA of the applicants who are accepted? ›

The average high school GPA in the US is 3.0, which also accounts for roughly 35% of students who don't end up applying for college. However, for college applicants, the average GPA is more likely between 3.5 and 4.0.

What is an acceptance rate to be considered hard to get into? ›

In general, schools with low acceptance rates (lower than 10 percent) are more selective or have high standards, or have tens of thousands of students applying for relatively few spots.

Can you get into a university with a 2.5 GPA? ›

A 2.5 GPA corresponds to a C average, making it a common starting GPA for many colleges and universities, even some more competitive institutions — though acceptance at that level would be a long shot.

What college requires a 2.5 GPA? ›

California State University Los Angeles, California – Minimum GPA for acceptance to the graduate program is 2.5 on a 4 point scale. This is one of the graduate schools with low GPA requirements.

Can you get into university with a 3.7 GPA? ›

Earning a 3.7 GPA indicates consistent academic achievement and means you can apply to just about any school with a good chance of being accepted (except for the Ivy League schools, but that's because there are no circumstances of guaranteed admission at Ivies).

Can I get into university of Florida with a 3.3 GPA? ›

The state minimum requirements for Lower Division applicants can be found here, however, UF's standards for admissions are significantly higher than the state minimums. Generally, we are looking for applicants with over a 3.0 High School GPA and over a 3.0 College GPA.

What GPA is enough? ›

Usually, a GPA of 3.0 - 3.5 is considered good enough at many high schools, colleges, and universities. Top academic institutions usually require GPAs higher than 3.5.

What majors have the lowest GPA? ›

The top 10 hardest college majors, according to GPA data from the 2019/2020 school year, include:
  1. Environment Economics and Policy- 2.96 GPA. ...
  2. Engineering Physics- 3.1 GPA. ...
  3. Chemistry- 3.13 GPA. ...
  4. Data Science- 3.24 GPA. ...
  5. Legal Studies- 3.28 GPA. ...
  6. Architecture- 3.33 GPA. ...
  7. Urban Studies- 3.35 GPA. ...
  8. Chemical Engineering- 3.37 GPA.
Jan 15, 2023

What is the lowest GPA for UT? ›

3.0 GPA. A grade-point average (GPA) of at least 3.0 (on a 4.0 scale) or a comparable GPA in upper-division work—junior- and senior-level courses—and in any graduate work already completed is also required.

What is the lowest GPA to get into a university? ›

Unofficially, 2.0 is the lowest GPA accepted into a standard college, so while there's a chance that college admission is possible, it's not likely at more than a few institutions.

What is the minimum for a 2.5 GPA? ›

A 2.5 GPA, or Grade Point Average, is equivalent to a C+ letter grade on a 4.0 GPA scale. This means is equivalent to a 77-79%.

What is the failing grade in UST? ›

On Failing Grades

program is 2.00, and 1.75 for each course enrolled in a doctoral program. Failure in two subjects (6 units) means automatic debarment of a student's candidacy for a degree (both for M.A./M.S. or Ph. D./Ed.


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