Top 10 Fully Funded Scholarships for International Students (2023)

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Last Updated: 16 February 2022

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Every month, as usual, we publish a summary of the most prominent scholarships opportunities that are currently open for applications. This time we decided that the list should only contain fully funded scholarships.

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This article features not only 10, but 14 fully funded scholarships program in the USA, Canada, Italy, Turkiye (no, we didn’t mistype it, Turkey did change its name) and much more :

Fulbright program in the USA

  • Level: Master, PhD
  • Amount: Fully Funded
  • Deadline: Varie by country

Azerbaijan Government Fully Funded Scholarships

  • Level: Preparatory courses, Bachelor, Master, PhD, general medicine.
  • Amount: Fully funded.
  • Deadline: April 1, 2022.

Rotary Peace Fellowships

  • Level: Master, Professional development certificate.
  • Amount: Fully funded
  • Deadline: 15 May 2022.

Australia Awards

  • Level: Fully funded.
  • Amount: Fully funded.
  • Deadline: 29th April 2022.

E4D Scholarships for Developing Countries in Switzerland

  • Level: MAS, DAS, CAS (continuing education).
  • Amount: Fully funded.
  • Deadline: April 30, 2022.

GIST Scholarships in South Korea

  • Level: Master, PhD.
  • Amount: Fully funded scholarships.
  • Deadline: April 15, 2022.

ESED Scholarships

  • Level: Master.
  • Amount: $10,000 / year for two years.
  • Deadline: April 11, 2022.

Master Mind scholarships in Belgium

  • Level: Master.
  • Amount: €8,400 per year.
  • Deadline: varies by university.

World Bank Group Youth Summit 2022

  • Type : Event.
  • Amount: Fully funded.
  • Deadline: March 4, 2022.

Think Big Undergraduate Scholarships in the UK

  • Level: Undergraduate.
  • Amount : £5,000 and £10,000 per year
  • Deadline: 28 March 2022.

Xian Jiaotong University CSC Scholarship in China

  • Level: Master, PhD.
  • Amount: Fully funded scholarships.
  • Deadline: April 2022.

Westerwelle Young Founders Program

  • Level: Traineeship.
  • Amount: Fully funded
  • Deadline: 13 March 2022.

Commonwealth Distance Learning Fully funded Scholarships

  • Level: Online Master degree.
  • Amount: Fully funded.
  • Deadline: 15 March 2022.

Fully funded PhD scholarships at the SNS di Pisa

  • Level: PhD.
  • Amount: Fully funded.
  • Deadline: March 7, 2022.

The following fully funded scholarships have a very close deadlines. We are listing them just to make you know what you did miss this year. Maybe, you’re asking, can I apply? Well, the answer is easy: Scholarship deadlines are not like tax deadlines, where there is a single day when all forms are due. Most scholarship requires some documents and a to-be-written original composition (motivation letter, research proposal, pitch…) and such a piece of work would sometimes take a month to be finalized.

You should probably pass these competitions. It’s better to pass and move on to awards in which you have the time to put together a winning application. Remember, you may be able to apply for these awards next year.

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World Bank Scholarships

  • Level: Master.
  • Amount: Fully funded.
  • Deadline: February 28, 202.

Turkiye Scholarships Program

  • Level: Bachelor, Master, PhD, Research.
  • Amount: Fully funded.
  • Deadline: February 20, 2022.

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Are there any fully funded scholarships for international students? ›

Fulbright Foreign Student Scholarship to the USA

This America scholarship is a fully funded program. Level of Study: Masters, PhD, Research.

Which scholarship is best for international students? ›

Undergraduate Scholarships for International Students
  • Aga Khan Foundation International Scholarship. ...
  • Fulbright Program for Foreign Students Scholarship. ...
  • MPOWER Global Citizen Scholarship. ...
  • MPOWER Monthly Scholarship Series. ...
  • Philanthropic Education Organization International Peace Scholarship.

How to get fully funded scholarships in USA for international students? ›

  1. Fulbright Scholarship 2023. Level: Masters / PhD. ...
  2. Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship Program. ...
  3. Knight Henessy Scholars Program at Stanford University. Level: Masters / PhD. ...
  4. Yale University Scholarship. ...
  5. Bill Gates Scholarships. ...
  6. University of New Haven Scholarship. ...
  7. AAUW Fellowship Program. ...
  8. Boston University Scholarship.
Dec 10, 2022

Which country is easiest to get scholarship? ›

Answer - China is the easiest country to apply for a scholarship. Q3. Which country gives a full free scholarship? Answer - Countries such as Germany, Finland, Iceland, and Austria offer various free or low tuition schemes to international students.

What is the easiest scholarship to get for international students? ›

  • Easiest Scholarships To Get For International Students.
  • Fullbright Scholarships.
  • The American Association of University Women International Fellowship.
  • Aga Khan Foundation International Scholarship | Scholarships For International Students.
  • Chevening Scholarships | Scholarships For International Students.

Which university gives fully funded scholarship in USA? ›

Apply for fully funded scholarships and fulfill your dream of studying at world top universities like Yale University USA, Harvard University USA, Clark University, Boise State University, Berea College and many more.

Which scholarship gives the most money? ›

Featured Online Schools
Miss AmericaAdditional Information Amount Awarded: Varies, up to $12,000 Deadline: Varies
Coca-Cola Scholars FoundationAdditional Information Amount Awarded: Up to $20,000 Deadline: August
Buick AchieversAdditional Information Amount Awarded: $25,000 Deadline: Varies
7 more rows

Which US university gives the most scholarship to international students? ›

10 U.S. Colleges That Most Aid Foreign Students
School (state)Number of international students who received aid during 2021-2022Average aid awarded to international undergraduates during 2021-2022
Stanford University (CA)245$72,000
Amherst College (MA)160$71,655
Vassar College (NY)67$71,036
Barnard College (NY)35$70,735
7 more rows

Which universities give maximum scholarships to international students? ›

Berea College is the only college that provides full funding to all international students in the first year of enrolment.
United States
  • University of Alabama.
  • George Washington University.
  • University of Miami.
  • Emory University.
  • University of Georgia.
  • Drake University.
  • University of Chicago.
  • Louisiana State.

What GPA is required for full scholarship in USA? ›

Minimum requirements range from around 2.0 on the lower end to 3.75 or higher for competitive academic scholarships. Generally speaking, a 3.0 GPA or higher will give you a decent shot at qualifying for a variety of scholarships.

What is the easiest scholarship to get? ›

Top easy scholarships in 2023
  • $10,000 “No Essay” Scholarship.
  • $2,000 Nitro College Scholarship – No Essay.
  • $40,000 BigFuture Scholarships.
  • $25,000 No Essay Scholarship.
  • March Madness Scholarship.
  • Sharpen No Essay Scholarship.
  • $5,000 Christian Connector Scholarship.
  • $2,000 CampusReel Virtual Tour Scholarship.

How can I study in USA for free as an international student? ›

Ans. The Fulbright Program are full scholarships in the USA for international students who want to pursue a Master's or PhD degree. The scholarships can also be awarded for non-degree postgraduate studies. The grant covers tuition fee, textbooks, airfare, a living stipend, and health insurance.

What country has the best free college? ›

Norway. Norway offers free college tuition at all of its public universities for both Norwegians and international students. The Norwegian government funds these universities to help degree-seekers graduate with less debt.

What scholarship pays for everything? ›

Details: The Coolidge Scholarship is a full-ride scholarship that covers the full cost of tuition, room, board, and expenses for four years of undergraduate study. The Coolidge Scholarship may be used by recipients at any American university.

Can I get 100% scholarship in USA? ›

Some universities offer a 100% tuition fee waiver while some institutions offer a partial waiver. Similarly, some organizations allow you to spend money on specific things only. Like some of the scholarships cover only the tuition fee and living costs while some also include airfare and other expenses.

How much is the Coca-Cola scholarship? ›

Coca-Cola Scholars Program Scholarship – High school seniors with a minimum 3.0 unweighted GPA may apply on our website in August of their senior year until the October 31 deadline. 150 Coca-Cola Scholars are selected each year to receive this $20,000 scholarship.

Does 100% scholarship mean free? ›

Full tuition scholarships usually only cover the cost of education, which includes tuition, book fees and other education fees. However, these scholarships likely don't offer help with room and board, living costs or travel costs.

Which country give high scholarships to international students? ›

The governments of USA, UK, etc. provide many scholarships to international students in order to promote the internationalization of their education systems. Programs such as the Chevening scholarship, Hubert Humphrey Fellowship Program, Fulbright Foreign Student Program, etc.

Which scholarship is easy to get in USA? ›

Fulbright Scholarship (USA)

The Fulbright Program is a unique, most extensive US government-funded educational program aimed at international academic and cultural exchange. There are some steps you have to complete for applying for the 2022/2023 year.

Which is the easiest scholarship in USA for international students? ›

Fulbright Scholarships

Fulbright Scholarship is a US based scholarship for international students available across 155 countries. This scholarship is awarded to over 4000 students every year.

What is the hardest scholarship to get? ›

7 Hardest Scholarships to Get But Worth Every Penny
  • The Gates Cambridge Scholarship.
  • The Gates Millennium Scholars Program.
  • The Fulbright scholarship program.
  • Rhodes Scholarship.
  • Churchill Scholarship.
  • Princeton Scholarship.
  • Mitchell Scholarship.
  • Conclusion On The hardest scholarships to get.
Nov 29, 2022

How much is the Bill Gates scholarship? ›

The Gates Millennium Scholars Program is another Gates minority scholarship. The program grants an average of $12,785 to 1,000 annually-selected scholars.

What is the most prestigious scholarship in the US? ›

National Merit Scholarship. Students qualify for this scholarship by earning high scores on the PSAT test. The top 16,000 students are named semifinalists and most of them will become finalists. Of the finalists, 8,400 will receive a National Merit Scholarship.

Is a $25,000 dollar scholarship good? ›

A scholarship that offers $25,000 to $49,999 is still worth the student's time and effort. Even a scholarship worth $500 deserves an application, since every dollar won is a dollar less borrowed. There are many more scholarships at these award levels, but here are a dozen of the most famous scholarships.

Which US school has high acceptance rate for international students? ›

U.S. Universities With a High Acceptance Rate for International Students
List of American UniversitiesAcceptance Rate
The University of Memphis85% to 95%
Kansas State University94% to 96%
University of Kentucky94%
University of Maine90% to 96%
6 more rows
Feb 6, 2023

Which country sends the most international students to the US? ›

The majority of international students studying in the United States are originally from China and India, totaling 290,086 students and 199,182 students respectively in the 2021/22 school year.

Which part of USA is best for international students? ›

  1. Boston. If you want to be around the world's greatest students and scholars, Boston is your best bet. ...
  2. Chicago. If Boston is the academic hub, Chicago is the economic hub and definitely high on the list for best places in USA for Indian students. ...
  3. San Francisco. ...
  4. Los Angeles. ...
  5. New York. ...
  6. Atlanta. ...
  7. Washington, DC. ...
  8. San Diego.

What SAT score do you need for a full scholarship? ›

So you're probably wondering, What's a good SAT score for scholarships, and how can I find them? The short answer is that you should aim for an SAT score between 1200 and 1600 if you want to secure some scholarships based on merit–and the higher within that range you score the more money you're looking at.

What GPA is required for Harvard? ›

You should also have a 4.18 GPA or higher. If your GPA is lower than this, you need to compensate with a higher SAT/ACT score. For a school as selective as Harvard, you'll also need to impress them with the rest of your application.

Where is the best place to get scholarships? ›

How do I find scholarships?
  • the financial aid office at a college or career school.
  • a high school or TRIO counselor.
  • the U.S. Department of Labor's FREE scholarship search tool.
  • federal agencies.
  • your state grant agency.
  • your library's reference section.

Do you pay back scholarship money? ›

Usually, the answer is no.

Scholarships are a form of nonrepayable gift aid, much like many federal grants. Student loans, unlike grants and scholarships, are borrowed money that must be paid back with interest. Scholarships are considered free money because there are no expectations for repayment.

How do you find scholarships that almost nobody knows about? ›

So, Where Do You Find Unclaimed Scholarships? One good place to look for scholarships is on the Financial Aid Finder Scholarship Announcement Blog. Every Friday, the site lists several scholarship opportunities with upcoming deadlines.

When should I start applying for scholarships? ›

When to apply for scholarships. Apply for scholarships early and often. Some scholarship deadlines are as early as a year before you start college. You don't need to wait until you've made your final decision about your school to apply.

Has anyone won a no essay scholarship? ›

The good news is that there are reputable no-essay scholarships that award students simply for filling out a form. Thousands of people are likely applying, so the odds of winning are low. However, someone will actually win, and it could be you.

Can a US citizen sponsor an international student to study? ›

Yes, a US citizen can sponsor a visa.

Can I sponsor myself to study in USA? ›

Yes, you can! When you apply for a student visa, you are permitted to receive financial support for your studies from scholarships, fellowships, assistantships, grants, or loans from your university or college, government, or personal sources such as friends or family.

Which is the cheapest university in USA for international students? ›

The cheapest universities in the USA for international students (between $3,000 and $20,000 per semester)
  1. Nicholls State University. ...
  2. Eastern New Mexico University. ...
  3. Brigham Young University. ...
  4. Bridgewater State University. ...
  5. Minnesota State University-Moorhead. ...
  6. Mississippi University for Women. ...
  7. Southwest Minnesota State University.
Feb 23, 2023

Which US universities give 100 scholarship for international students? ›

Best Universities that Offer Full Scholarships to International Students
  • Harvard University. ...
  • Yale University. ...
  • University of Toronto. ...
  • Princeton University. ...
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) ...
  • Duke University. ...
  • Agnes Scott College Marvin B. ...
  • Hendrix College Hays Memorial Scholarship.

How hard is it to get a scholarship in USA for international students? ›

Even with a GPA of 3.5-4.0, only 19% of students are able to qualify for receiving scholarships given by the colleges. Furthermore, there is only a 0.7% chance of achieving an athletic scholarship from college/ university.


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