Scholarship Opportunities in the Philippines - Apply & Study in (2023)

Several scholarships are awarded to international students every year. A number of Universities in the Philippines awards merit-based scholarships to talented bachelor’s and master’s students based on the overall assessment of applications.

Scholarships are offered by the admission board upon admission to the most outstanding candidates. Scholarships cover travel expenses, tuition fees, board, and lodging for one academic year and can be renewed for the following years on the basis of academic performance.

Below is a list of scholarships for international students:

  • Fully Funded: Asian Peacebuilders Master Degree Scholarship,
  • PTFCF Plant Science Scholarship in Philippines,
  • (NFP) – Masters, Ph.D. for Filipino Students,
  • University of Gastronomic Sciences Masters Scholarship in Italy,
  • Allan & Nesta Ferguson Masters Scholarships at the University of Sheffield for Filipinos,
  • ICTP Masters Scholarships for Students from the Philippines in Italy,
  • Czech Government Scholarships for Philippines – Undergraduate, Masters, and Doctorate,
  • Korean Government Scholarships for 170 Bachelors, 800 Masters & Ph.D. for Philippines,
  • Van Oord MBA Scholarship for the Philippines in Switzerland,
  • Oxford University Fully-Funded Scholarships for the Philippines in UK,
  • SEARCA Graduate Scholarship – Southeast Asians,
  • World Customs Organisation (WCO) Scholarships for Philippines Students at Aoyama Gakuin University in Japan,
  • Vice-Chancellor’s Scholarship for Philippines Students at the University of Westminster in UK,
  • Nippon Foundation Scholarship for Master’s Students in Costa Rica and the Philippines.

Study for Free in the Philippines

Public universities are all non-sectarian and offer a wide range of programs, with English as a medium of instruction. Public universities are government-funded, with the largest, the University of the Philippines, receiving a substantial portion of the annual budget.

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