Scholarship and Financial Aid FAQs (2023)

General Scholarship and Financial Aid Q&As

Is the scholarship application process difficult?
Not at all! Just give yourself ample time to prepare your documents and make sure to fill out your form completely. Don't forget to read all the instructions, too!

What is your criteria in awarding a Financial Aid Grant to an applicant?
Financial Aid Grants are awarded on the basis of financial need as indicated in the scholarship application form, consistent academic performance, intellectual ability, and potential for greater service.

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How long will I have to wait for the scholarship results?
You will be informed of your scholarship application results at the same time the decisions for admission will be released.

What are the benefits and services available for scholars in Ateneo?
Scholars may avail of medical assistance, tutorial assistance; individual consultations, and guidance and counselling, to name a few.

Can I apply for other scholarships outside of Ateneo?
Yes! You may apply for other scholarships from an external source to supplement your Ateneo Scholarship Grant (e.g. DOST, GSIS, CHED, grants from private institutions, etc.).

Please refer to the “Government and Private Scholarships” page for a list of DOST priority courses.

Is there an on-campus organization for Ateneo scholars?
Yes, there is! Ateneo Gabay is the scholars' organization and community that makes sure the needs of scholars are met (e.g support group, book lending system, tutorial sessions).

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Is it hard being a scholar in Ateneo?
While a few things are expected more of scholars, the support system given by the Loyola Schools Community and fellow scholars allows our students to adjust and cope with life in Ateneo.

Should I be awarded a scholarship, what are the requirements that I need to fulfill?
Merit, Director's List and Academic Scholars are required to meet a certain grade requirement to be able to maintain their scholarships. Financial aid scholars must maintain a certain grade requirement and they are not supposed to get an F or W in any term.

Until when can I enjoy my Financial Aid Grant?
Financial Aid Scholars are required to renew their scholarship every year. Provided that you meet the grade requirements and there is no significant change in your family's financial status, a scholar's grant will most likely be retained.

Will my scholarship be terminated if I fail a subject?
Yes, but financial aid scholars may still make an appeal to keep their scholarship. Merit, Director's List, and Academic Scholars will automatically lose their scholarship if they get an F or W. They may apply, however, for a financial aid scholarship, if the family is financially needy.

I'm still confused. Is there anyone I can talk to about my scholarship application?
Yes, you may reach us through the contact details in this page.We will try to answer your inquiries as soon as possible.

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How can I apply for financial aid?
An applicant must secure a Scholarship/Financial Aid Questionnaire together with the Application Form for Admission. This has no extra charge.The Questionnaire is to be submitted with the following requirements, which is detailed in the application packet.

Applications without the required documents or with incomplete information will not be processed. If you are unable to submit a document, please provide an explanation letter.

Application for financial aid does not influence in any way the result of one’s application for admission.

Is there an income cut-off for application?

Is there a separate exam for scholarship?
There is no separate test for those applying for financial assistance.

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What are the criteria for selection of incoming Freshman scholars?
The Scholarship committee evaluates the following:

  • High school grades and rank in school; honors and awards received
  • Sense of service and leadership potential as reflected in student’s extra-curricular involvement
  • Desire to be part of the Ateneo community

Can families who already have Ateneo scholars still apply for financial aid?
Yes, an incoming freshman who has an older brother or sister who have enjoyed scholarships or are presently scholars, may still apply for financial aid. Alumni scholars with jobs are expected to help out in covering the sibling applicant’s school expenses.

If I didn’t get a scholarship this year, can I still apply the following year?
Yes, a 25% to 50% Tuition and Fees (TF) grant may be applied for by Upperclassmen. Some 50 - 60 students are granted scholarships every first semester depending on availability of funds.

DOST Scholarship Q&As

Can I still avail of the DOST scholarship even if I have been awarded an Ateneo Scholarship?
Yes! You may still avail of the DOST Scholarship even if you have already received a scholarship grant from Ateneo.

What are the benefits that I can get from DOST if I have been awarded an Ateneo Scholarship?
If you already have a 100% tuition and fees scholarship, you may only avail of the DOST book allowance, PE allowance, transportation reimbursement and monthly stipends. If your tuition grant is less than 100% you may still avail of the DOST partial tuition of P20,000 per semester (or P40,000 per year) along with the above mentioned allowances.

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List of DOST Priority Courses
A list of priority courses can be found in the Government and Private Scholarships page.

*ACET is suspended for SY 2022-23 applications. More details can be found at the ACET page.


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