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This Project Schedule has been created for Developing an Amusement Park which will contain all kinds of entertainment for all kinds of people, for all age groups and where the whole family can spend quality time with family, friends, kids or relatives. The main motive of building this amusement park “Fun Unlimited’ is to provide unlimited, clean and wholesome entertainment and recreational spot to the people. “ Fun Unlimited” will attract not just local visitors but will also cater to the foreign tourists or visitors too.

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The Fun Unlimited Park will provide convenient, comfortable and attractive entertainment park with all the recreational facilities. This project will help in building an amusement park with lots of activities, fun, food, cafe, swimming pool, basket ball court etc. The budget allocated for this project is $10,000,000 and the project should get completed within scheduled time. All the resources which have been assigned to the project are internal resources and any kind of additional resources need to be requested through and need Project Sponsor’s approval.

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Some of the assumptions which have been made are listed below:

  1. The figure of $890,000 which is shown in start-up funding table under the head of current borrowings is the real-time start-up investment which has been amortized at 19% interest rate and should be paid off within five years time.
  2. All the pricing which has been done for the project is set as per industry standards and the pricing in the local markets.
  3. The contract services shown in the project cover pest control, cable TV, payroll, trash removal etc.
  4. The income tax rate which has been estimated is before deductions and the overhead assumptions are also included.
  5. The long-term loan which has been amortised is at 10% rate of interest and for time span of 20 years.
  6. The revenues have been strictly based upon the projections which are again based upon the gross possible players on very venue.
  7. All the employees needed and their wages have been projected on full-time basis and their shifts are scheduled for eight hours.
  8. All the payrolls will be done through the contract payroll services company which will help in getting a flatter rate and will make it easier to project.
  9. The capital projected as start-up is estimated to be sufficient for completing the project successfully.
  10. The scope of the project has been limited enough just to describe the project charter.
  11. There would not be any signification caution which will be taken to affect or change the project schedule
  12. The projected staff would be available.
  13. All the issues will be solved on time.
  14. The budget allocation is sufficient enough for the project to be completed successfully.

The project activities when get associated with time and combine to form Project Schedule. The project schedule is supposed to be graphical representation of milestones, resource requirements, predicted tasks, dependencies, task durations and deadlines. The master schedule of any project interrelates all the activities or tasks on a common time scale. The project schedules should be so much in detail that it should show each WBS task that needs to be performed , the name of the person responsible for the task completion , the start and end date of the task and the expected duration of the task (PMBOK, 1997).

Project schedule development is an iterative process. Additional tasks might be suggested by milestones and these tasks will require additional resources. And the task completion will be measured through additional milestones (Edwards, 2011).

During the project life cycle the actual progress of the project is always compared with the original project schedule. With the help of project schedule the accuracy of the planning process can also be accessed.

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2.1 Type of Schedule

The type of schedule which is associated with the project shows the complexity of the project. For very large and complex projects which have multitude of interrelated tasks PERT Charts or activity networks are being used. But here it is not a very big project and thus we will use Gantt chart or Bar graph. Gantt Charts are graphical and two-dimensional representations which depict the time frame and tasks for the project completion. The task interrelationships cannot be shown easily on GANTT Charts therefore they are not considered to be good tool for complex and huge information technology projects. But they are very commonly being used for small and simple projects like ours for showing few interrelationships.

2.2 Milestones

The completion of key activities of the project is being denoted through Milestones and these events do not have any duration attached to them. Mostly milestones are unique for every project and the Milestones for the project “Fun Unlimited” are shown below in Table 1:



The WBS along with WBS Dictionary helps in defining as well as managing the project scope along with the scope statement of the project. The WBS provides the hierarchical breakdown of work which is being performed in the project so that the project scope can be managed in easier manner and the work packages can be easily understood. The WBS for Fun Unlimited has been shown below and all the work packages have been created as well as defined with the input from the groups and the individuals who will perform the tasks within the project.

The WBS Dictionary which is shown below helps in giving us necessary details for the tasks which are shown in WBS and every element of WBS must be entered in WBS dictionary so that unit is ensured that all the work is being accounted for, being assigned the appropriate resources and it is pertaining to the right and appropriate deliverables too (SChwalbe, 2010).

The WBS Structure for the Fun Unlimited Amusement Park is shown below:

  1. Initiating

1.1 Indentify the stakeholders

1.2 Prepare the Business Case

1.3 Creating Project Charter

1.4 Project Kick-off Meeting

1.5 Pre-Scope Statement

  1. Planning

2.1 Project Integration Management

2.1.1 Create and Sign-off Team Contract

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2.1.2 Development of Plan of Action by Management

2.2 Project Scope

2.2.1 Scope Statement

2.2.2 Create WBS ( Site Works) and WBS Dictionary

2.3 Time Management Plan

2.4 Cost Management Plan

2.5 Quality Management Plan

2.6 HR Management Plan

2.7 Communication Management Plan

2.8 Risk Management Plan

2.8.1 Creating Risk Register

2.9 Procurement and Materials Supply Contracts ( Tenders)

  1. Execution Phase

3.1 Works Design and Site Plan

3.1.1 Visit the Site ( need 10 cars)

3.1.2 Site Survey

3.1.3 Architectural

3.1.4 Landscaping Soil Testing Excavation and Backfilling Loading and Removal of Soil Compaction

3.1.5 Engineering Jobs

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3.1.6 Get Approvals City Council Approval Traditional Owners of the Land ( Licensing DCC) Department of Land and Planning ( Consulting) Sponsor Approval

3.1.7 Contractors Materials and Materials Transport Material Cost ( project tender- Total) Delivery ( Transport costs- ex interstate) Construction Buildings ( General Labour- All types total 40 employees) Basket-Ball Courts Indoor Bowling Area Kiosk Conference Rooms Toilets Car Park Swimming Pool

(Video) Grow Your SMS Marketing List | Case Study Review Site works Execution Project impact Assessment Sponsors and Partnerships Seek advice and assistance Planned and ad-hoc meetings ( on-site)

3.1.8 Milestone Review reports and Meetings (onsite)

3.1.9 Negotiating Skills training and review for team members

3.1.10 Training through right project software package

3.2 Stakeholders Communication

3.2.1 Communication pertaining to the project ( emails, phone , others)

3.2.2 Planned meeting and milestone reviews with the sponsor

3.2.3 Preparation and broadcasting of information to the stakeholders

3.3 Communication concerned with productivity or contingency issues

  1. Monitoring and Controlling

4.1 Overall Project evaluation ( progress)

4.2 Quality control Issues ( e.g. Rework)

  1. Project Closure (Services, 2011)

The project managers should continuously monitor the project and follow the projects schedule very strongly and moreover it is expected from every department to cooperate fully with the project manager. Each and every department manager should supervise their own part of work and should work as per allocated time limit too. There should be proper guarantee and maintenance of quality too within the whole project.

WBS CategoriesTime allocatedResources
  1. 1. Initiating
1.1 Identify the stakeholders3 daysProject Manager
1.2 Prepare the Business Case

5 daysProject manager1.3 Create Project Charter6 daysProject manager1.4 Project Kick-off Meeting

1 dayProject manager1.4 Pre-Scope Statement

2 daysBill

  1. 2. Planning

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2.1 Project Integration Management

2.1.1 Create and Sign-off Team Contract

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3 daysMartha2.1.2 Development of Plan of Action by Management

7 daysMartha2.2 Project Scope

2.2.1 Scope Statement

4 daysMartha2.2.2 Create WBS ( Site Works) and WBS Dictionary

2 daysMartha2.3 Time Management Plan2 daysMartha2.4 Cost Management Plan

2 daysMartha2.5 Quality Management Plan2 daysMartha2.6 HR Management Plan2 daysMartha2.7 Communication Management Plan

2 daysMartha2.8 Risk Management Plan

Martha2.8.1 Creating Risk Register

2 daysMartha2.9 Procurement and Materials Supply Contracts ( Tenders)2 daysMartha3. Execution Phase

3.1 Works Design and Site Plan

3.1.1 Visit the Site ( need 10 cars)

2 daysSam3.1.2 Site Survey3 daysSam3.1.3 Architectural2 daysSam3.1.4 Landscaping

Sam3.1.4.1 Soil Testing2 daysSoil testing expert3.1.4.2 Excavation and Backfilling15 daysExpert team3.1.4.3 Loading and Removal of Soil

6 daysExpert team3.1.4.4 Compaction5 daysExpert team3.1.5 Engineering jobs3.1.5.1 Civil and Hydraulic Engineering20 daysCivil engineer3.1.5.2 Structural Engineering15 days3.1.5.3 Mechanical Engineering20 daysMechanical engineer3.1.5.4 Electrical Engineering10 daysElectrical Engineer3.1.6 Get Approvals3.1.6.1 City Council Approvals3. Traditional Owners of the Land2 daysMartha3. Department of land and Planning2 daysMartha3.1.7 Contractors3.1.7.1 Materials and their transportation3. materials Cost ( project tender- Total)4 daysAccountant, Logistics Manager3. Delivery ( Transport costs- ex interstate)2 daysLogistics Manager3.1.7.2 Construction3. Buildings ( General Labour- All types total 40 employees) Indoor Basket Ball Courts4 daysCivil engineer3. Bowling area10 daysEngineer3. Kiosk7 daysEngineer3. Conference Rooms6 daysEngineer3. Toilets5 daysEngineer3. Car Park8 daysEngineer3. Swimming Pools12 daysEngineer3.1.7.3 Site work execution5 daysEngineer3.1.7.4 Project impact Assessment4 daysEngineer3.1.7.5 Sponsors and Partnerships3. Seek Advice and Assistance2 daysProject manager3. Planned and Ad-hoc meetings2 daysProject manager3.1.8 Milestone Review reports and Meetings1 dayProject manager3.1.9 Negotiating Skills training and review for team members2 daysTraining Manager, project manager3.1..10 Training though right project Software package5 daysTraining Manager3.2 Stakeholders Communication3.2.1 Communication pertaining to the project ( emails, phone , others)

4 daysProject Sponsor, Poorest manager3.2.2 Planned meeting and milestone reviews with the sponsor2 daysProject Sponsor, Project manager3.2.3 Preparation and broadcasting of information to the stakeholders

2 daysProject Sponsor, Project manager3.3 Communication concerned with productivity or contingency issues2 daysProject manager

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  1. 4. Monitoring and Controlling

4.1 Overall project evaluation ( progress)4 daysProject manager4.2 Quality control Issues ( rework)4 daysProject manager

  1. 5. Project Closure

1 dayProject manager

The whole interrelationship between the various tasks and activities can be seen clearly through the Gantt chart attached along with this document named Fun Unlimited Gantt Chart.

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