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Pulseway's transparent pricing lets you pay for what you need with no hidden platform or usage fees. Tiered pricing provides built-in discounts the more you buy!

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Frequently asked questions

How does the pricing structure work?

Pulseway charges per endpoint for the RMM product which has tiered pricing, meaning that different levels of quantity get different discount levels.

What type of endpoints can I monitor?

You can monitor servers and workstations running Windows, Linux and Mac operating systems. You can also monitor any application using the monitoring API and network devices such as routers, switches, printers and more.

Can I add more endpoints later?

You can increase the number of endpoints you monitor at any time. There are no minimum upgrade requirements.

How long is the Pulseway trial?

Pulseway offers you a free 14 day trial that includes RMM, PSA, Patch Management and Network monitoring. It’s possible to extend the trial if required, and can be done so by talking to your Solution Specialist.

What are the billing options?

Pulseway offers monthly, yearly and 3 year billing options with discounts for longer commitments.

Can I pay monthly?

You can pay monthly on both pay as you go terms and on the yearly and 3-year contracts.

Do I need to buy onboarding services?

All new Pulseway customers need to buy an Advanced Onboarding and Best Practices session to get started on the right foot with their remote monitoring and management efforts. Our passionate product onboarding specialists will work with you to ensure that everything is enabled and set up properly from the get-go. The price is $149 for the session.

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What our customers are saying

We have been using Pulseway for a number of years and I have to say it is one of the tools as a Sys Admin, I could not be without. It's a first line of defence against any imaginable issue your servers may face.”

Ian Kelly
System Administrator, NICVA

I like the particularity that this system has to be able to integrate amounts of third-party services, among which we can mention are Zandesk, Slack, Pagerduty, etc, that can expand solutions that help to obtain greater value of infrastructure management services.”

Peter P.
Software Project Manager, Computer Software

It took very little time and we were up and running. Now we manage most of our everyday tasks from our smartphones. The best part is that Pulseway alerts us to any issues before users even notice any slow-downs.”

Eugene Chan
Deputy Director Digital Services, University of Auckland Business School

Powerful does not have to be complicated.
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