FPL GW28 Wildcard Team & Drafts to Consider | Wildcard Guide (2023)

Using the FPL wildcard chip this week ahead of FPL GW28 will allow managers to build a team for the blank in GW28, double in GW29 plus the blank in GW32. There are a few chip strategy that could emerge from wildcarding this week and in this blog, we look at different drafts with projections (How the draft will look in GW28, GW29, and GW32 with planned moves).

Shoutout to @BenCrellin for his great planner and @_FPLteam for his amazing team planning tool

Link to all our FPL GW28 blogs including GW28 Free Hit/Wildcard Drafts, Fixtures to target, Double and blank game-week news, Predicted GW28 Lineups, Captaincy metrics, Differentials, and more. Completely free to access as well!

FPL GW28 Wildcard Guide

FPL Fixture Ticker Starting GW28 till GW38

FPL GW28 Wildcard Team & Drafts to Consider | Wildcard Guide (1)

Key points to note about upcoming Double and Blank Gameweeks

  • FPL BGW28: Blank gameweek due to FA Cup 6th round(Quarterfinals) with seven confirmed fixtures(Arsenal vs Palace, Villa vs Bournemouth, Chelsea vs Everton, Forest vs Newcastle, Brentford vs Leicester, Wolves vs Leeds, Southampton vs Spurs) and three blanks
  • FPL DGW29: FPL DGW29 is the biggest double of the season with 12 teams doubling
  • FPL BGW32: Blank gameweek due to FA Cup Semi-finals with currently 7 confirmed fixtures, 4 teams expected to blank which will be known during GW28 weekend which clashes with the FA Cup quarter-finals. Man city vs Brighton, Fulham vs Leeds or Man United vs Chelsea will be two likely blanks in GW32!
  • FPL DGW34: 4 or 6 teams could double to accommodate the GW28/32 blanks
  • FPL DGW37: 4 or 6 teams could double to accommodate the GW28/32 blanks
  • There will also be one mini-double in gameweek 30/31/35/36 when Brighton and most likely Newcastle will Double to accommodate the Brighton vs Newcastle game which was postponed due to the Carabao cup finals.

Summary of the key teams from an FPL GW28 Wildcard Perspective

  1. Brentford have a fixture in BGW28 and have a fixture in BGW32 as well while doubling in GW29.
  2. Leicester surely have a game in BGW28 and BGW32 plus have a double in GW29.
  3. Eight teams: Newcastle, Leeds United, Brentford, Nottingham Forest, Leicester City, Bournemouth, Aston Villa & Chelsea will not blank GW28 and Double in GW29.
  4. Six teams: Arsenal, Spurs, Southampton, Palace, Wolves & Everton have a sure game in GW28 but will not double in GW29
  5. Spurs will not blank in GW28 and GW32 but will also not double once again this season.

Teams with a sure fixture in GW28

  • Newcastle United vs Nottingham Forest
  • Chelsea vs Everton
  • Aston Villa vs Bournemouth
  • Arsenal vs Crystal Palace
  • Wolves vs Leeds
  • Brentford vs Leicester
  • Southampton vs Spurs

7 confirmed fixtures and 3 postponements in GW28

Teams surely blanking in GW28: Man City, Man United, Brighton, West Ham, Liverpool, and Fulham

Teams with a sure game in GW28 and double in GW29:

FPL GW28 Wildcard Team & Drafts to Consider | Wildcard Guide (2)

The below eight teams are confirmed to play in GW28 and have a double in GW29.

  • Chelsea
  • Aston Villa
  • Newcastle
  • Nottingham Forest
  • Bournemouth
  • Leicester
  • Brentford
  • Leeds United

Teams with a Double in GW29 don’t Blank in both GW28, and GW32:

FPL GW28 Wildcard Team & Drafts to Consider | Wildcard Guide (3)
  • Brentford
  • Aston Villa
  • Newcastle United
  • Leicester City
  • Bournemouth
  • Nottingham Forest

Should be useful in planning for those who don’t have a Wildcard or planning to use it in GW33/GW34

(Video) FPL WILDCARD TEAM - Gameweek 28

Full summary and likely blanks/doubles till the end of the season in the blog below!

Confirmed & Likely FPL Double Gameweeks From FPL GW27

In this blog, we take a look at the confirmed & likely double/blank gameweeks in FPL starting FPL GW27 with all the latest DGW/BGW news & announcements.

Pros and Cons of FPL GW28 Wildcard


  • Can set up your team for the blank in GW28, GW29 Double as well as GW32 Blank. Can save the Free Hit for later.
  • Can use Bench Boost in GW29(with 11-15 Doublers) for the Biggest Double Gameweek of the season.
  • You can also remove injury risks and rotation-prone players plus jump on in-form assets early like Chelsea defenders(Chilwell) for example.
  • Remove Haaland for the short term(He plays only once in GW28 and GW29 against Liverpool) whereas Toney/Watkins/Havertz all play thrice during the period.


  • Big gap between FPL GW28 and GW29 with an international break falling between GW28 & GW29 as well and a lot could change in terms of form, injuries, etc.

Players to target on GW28 Wildcard(Team Wise)

  • Brighton: Estupinian, Dunk, Mitoma, March, Mac Allister
  • Brentford: Toney, Raya, Mbeumo, Mee, Henry, Pinnock
  • Spurs: Kane, Porro
  • Aston Villa: Watkins, Mings, Alex Moreno, Cash, Buendia
  • Chelsea: Kepa, James, Fofana, Badiashile, Felix, Havertz, and Chilwell
  • Bournemouth: Billing, Dango Ouattara, Solanke, Neto
  • Arsenal: Gabriel, Martinelli, Zinchenko, Saka, and Odegaard
  • Newcastle: Trippier, Botman, Schar, Pope, Isak, and Almiron
  • Leicester: Iheanacho, Ward, Barnes, Daka, and Maddison
  • West Ham: Bowen, Benrahma, Aguerd, and Ings
  • Nottingham Forest: Johnson, Aurier, Navas, Gibbs White

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FPL GW28 Wildcard Draft

FPL GW28 Wildcard Team & Drafts to Consider | Wildcard Guide (4)
  • 11 players in GW28 including triple Arsenal for their home game against struggling Palace.
  • The draft consists of four players who don’t have a double in GW29: Kane and triple Arsenal(Saka, Zinchenko, Martinelli).
  • This means you could potentially have to bench boost with three SGW players(Assuming you remove one of the four using a FT ahead of DGW29)
  • If you want more doublers in GW29 then potentially you can move Kane to Toney(who plays in GW28/32 and doubles in GW29) and Zinchenko to an Aston Villa defender(Cash/Mings/Alex Moreno). This would potentially leave you with only one SGW player on an FPL DGW29 bench boost.
  • This draft also has Havertz over Toney, Havertz has looked good and is on penalties playing for a resurgent Chelsea side. Toney’s potential upcoming ban makes it a bit tricky to have him in our teams on the longer run. But if you still fancy Toney’s GW28 fixture then you can swap Havertz for Toney in the above draft. If Toney’s potential ban is delayed then he has a sure BGW32 fixture too!
  • Why I strongly recommend Kane on a GW28 WC is that, he has a great fixture in GW28 vs Southampton and also will allow you to easily get back Haaland in GW30. Someone else in place of Kane could stretch the budget and could complicate the route back to Haaland in GW30.

How the Draft will look in FPL DGW29?

FPL GW28 Wildcard Team & Drafts to Consider | Wildcard Guide (5)
  • One FT: Saka to Bruno Fernandes, if you still fancy him(Casemiro is suspended and he could play deeper) or Martinelli to a Brighton Mid/Almiron/Benrahma
  • Bench Boost activated for FPL DGW29
  • The planned transfers leave enough money to easily move out Kane and get Haaland back in GW30

How the Draft will look in FPL BGW32?

FPL GW28 Wildcard Team & Drafts to Consider | Wildcard Guide (6)
  • The current draft from GW29 without any changes will have 8 players confirmed playing in BGW32
  • You can use the other two free transfers from GW30 and 31 to plan for the blank in GW32. We will know the Confirmed GW32 fixtures before the GW29 deadline.

There isn’t a strong alternate wildcard draft that you could make this week and i have mentioned the potential changes that you could make to the above draft that will let you field a few more doublers in GW29. Hope this blog helps your WC planning, good luck!

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