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We know that education in the Philippines is quite expensive and the cost of a college education continues to rise each year. A scholarship program might be a huge assistance to kids at this time since it could help some families bridge the financial gap.

As a way to pay for state universities or private colleges, scholarships are available to students. These grants allow students to pursue higher education than they would otherwise be unable to afford.

For many students, scholarships provide more than just financial assistance. They provide scholarships to kids who are worthy of the opportunity to go to college. They may be able to get a college degree as a result of this. They help students who wish to get their foot in the door by promoting the brands of the corporations that support them.

What are the Scholarship Programs available in PH for College Students?

To learn that the Philippines has scholarship programs for incoming college students is fascinating. With the purpose of facilitating your attainment of academic objectives, we've put together a comprehensive list of scholarship opportunities in the Philippines, ranging from government agencies to private organizations.

Scholarships offered by the Government

CHED Scholarship Program

The Commission on Higher Education is presently accepting applications for scholarships and grants under the State Scholarship Program for both Full Scholarship and Partial Scholarship as well as applications for the Private Education Student Financial Assistance or PESFA.

The qualifications in order to get this scholarship is that students must have:

  • Filipino citizens graduating from high school

  • General weighted average (GWA) for Full scholarship 96% while for Partial scholarship, students must have 93% - 95%

  • Students must enroll in priority programs at PHEIs, SUCs, or LUCs that have received certificates of program compliance (COPC) from authorized private or public higher education institutions such as:

  • -Engineering and Technologyincluding Food Engineering, Geodetic Engineering, and Industrial Engineering

  • -Science and Mathematicsincluding Biochemistry, Biology, Botany, Chemistry, Environmental Science, and Geology.

  • -Information Technology Educationincluding Computer Science, Cyber Security, and Game Development and Animation.

  • The combined annual income of the parents, solo parents, or guardian of applicants must not exceed Php 400,000

  • Only one government-funded financial aid scheme may be availed by an applicant.

There are two sets of requirements for this scholarship:

  • Academic documentsthat include Form 137, a high school report card, and a certified accurate copy of grades from the first semester of Grade 11 and the first semester of Grade 12 for students who are graduating high school.

  • Income documentssuch as the BIR Certificate of Tax Exemption, Barangay Certificate of Indigencyfrom the Barangay, Certificate/Case Study from DSWD, latest ITR of the guardian or parents or the updated copy of proof of income or contract for children of OFWs and seafarers are all acceptable forms of documentation.

Applying for CHED Scholarship

Step 1.Applicants must create an account by Region.

Step 2.Documentary requirements must be submitted and should be sent as a PDF.

Step 3.Keep a record of your login credentials.

Step 4.Check the CHED Regional Office on a regular basis to keep up with the latest updates. Please visit the official Facebook page of STUFAPs CHED NCR at if you've applied for the CHED Scholarship in 2021 and are a resident of the National Capital Region (NCR).

The total benefits that this scholarship program has isPhp 120, 000 for private colleges and universitieswhilePhp 80, 000 for public colleges and universities. The deadline for application is onAugust 15, 2022.

DOST Scholarship Program

Students interested in a career in science and technology may apply for a scholarship offered by the Department of Science and Technology via the S&T Undergraduate Scholarships Program.

The primary qualifications in order to get this scholarship are that students must be in the top 5% of students in their high school class in the non-STEM strand or should be members of the Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) strand. If you're interested in applying for a DOST college scholarship, here are a few possible courses to think about:

  • Applied Mathematics

  • Architecture

  • Astronomy

  • Astronomy Technology

  • Technology and Livelihood Education with a major in Information and Communications Technology

  • Information and Communications Technology

  • Mathematics

    (Video) How to Apply for Security Bank Foundation Scholarship 2022 | Detailed Video | Philippines

  • Mathematics and Science Teaching

  • Materials Engineering

Other qualifications are the following:

  • Citizens of the Philippines who were naturally born here

  • Families that fall within a given range of socioeconomic indices are considered to be "poor, talented, and worthy."

  • People who live in the municipality, as confirmed by barangay

  • With good health and uphold good morals

  • Must not have any college or university courses.

  • No prior DOST-SEI examination or the DOST-SEI Undergraduate Examination who failed to get the scholarship

  • Must not be a qualfied DOST-SEI Undergraduate Scholarship but did not avail of the award

  • Must pass the S&T Scholarship Examination

Meanwhile, here are the requirements that you will need to prepare for this type of government scholarship:

  • Applicant’s Certification (Form H)

  • Certificate of Good Moral Character (Form C)

  • Certificate of Good Health (Form D)

  • Certificate of Residency (Form F)

  • Household Information Questionnaire (Form B)

  • Parent’s Certification(Form G)

  • Parents' recent Income Tax Return / W2 / Employment Contract for OFW / BIR Cert. of Exemption from Filing of ITR / Brgy. Cert. of Indigency

  • Personal Information (Form A)

  • Photocopy of Birth Certificate

  • Form E1 or E2 Principal’s Certification: Form E1 for senior high school STEM strand class and Form E2 for the upper 5% of the NON-STEM strand senior high school graduating class

  • Recent (1”x1”) picture

  • Declaration signed by the applicant and the Parent/Legal Guardian (Form I)

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Applying for DOST Scholarship

To apply for government scholarships for college in the Philippines via DOST, Contact any DOST office or regional center for an application form, or fill one out online at

S&T Scholarship Division

  • Telephone number: (02) 8837-2071 loc. 2382

  • Mobile number.: 09278868816

  • E-mail: [emailprotected]

  • Online system:

  • Facebook:

The total benefits that this scholarship program has isPhp 80, 000 – Php 120, 000 per year. Applications for scholarship for the school year 2022-2023 are now closed since they ended last December 31, 2021. But if you want to applyfor SY2023-2024, you should wait until the third quarter of 2022 for DOST news.

GSIS Scholarship Program

The GSIS or the Government Service Insurance System Educational Subsidy Program for Filipino students is also known as the GSIS Scholarship Program for Filipino Students (GESP). A cap will be imposed on the amount of money that the GESP recipient may receive in grants each year, which is set at no more than Php 10, 000. In addition, the GESP award is non-transferable


The primary qualifications in order to get this scholarship are that students must bechildren or family members of active GSIS contributors.Also, other qualifications that must be met are:

  • Recipients should be college students enrolled in any CHED accredited institution at any year level (four or five years of study) who are not receiving any financial aid from either a public or private organization.

  • The parents are compensated at or below the level of Salary Grade 24 (or its equivalent) and have a long-term job contract.

  • Have no outstanding loan payments for more than three (3) months

For the requirements, here are the documents that you need to prepare:

Applying for the GSIS Educational subsidy program

Step 1.To apply, download the application form, print it out, and fill it out.

Step 2.The completed application and all supporting documentation should be sent to [emailprotected]

The total benefits that this scholarship program has isPhp 10, 000 per year. Applications for scholarship for SY 2022-2023 are now closed. The next intake will be announced by the GSIS.

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Scholarship Grant by Private Institutions

Landbank Scholarship Program

Adopted by the Association of Development Financing Institutions in Asia and the Pacific (ADFIAP) in its 2014 Corporate Social Responsibility Awards, the LANDBANK Gawad Patnubay Scholarship Program was lauded as a noteworthy development initiative. The Bankers Institute of the Philippines (BAIPHIL) even named it Champion for Best CSR Project in 2017 for its efforts.

The primary qualifications in order to get this scholarship are that students must be anincoming freshman with a GWA not lower than 85 or equivalent and has no failing grades in any subject or an incoming second-year and third-year student with GWA of 2.5 for each semester or equivalent with no grade below 3.0 or its equivalent in any subject.The priority courses for this scholarship areAgriculture-related disciplines like BS Agriculture and BS Fisheries.

Other qualifications for this scholarship program are:

  • Filipino citizens

  • With exceptions on a case-by-case basis as may be approved by the Selection Committee, annual total family income shall not exceed Php 300,000 as declared in their BIR Income Tax Return (ITR).

  • Been screened by partner universities' initial screening processes

  • Families that are presently receiving financial assistance from LANDBANK or LCDFI or who are the children of Agrarian Reform Beneficiaries (ARBs) or Agrarian Reform Communities (ARCs) are preferred

  • Not receive any other financial aid, grant or scholarship from other sources

For the requirements, you must prepare the following documents:

  • A certified true copy of grades

  • Filled-out scholarship application form, which may be acquired from one of Landbank's partner colleges, such as Central Luzon State, Central Mindanao or Mindanao National University.

  • Medical certificate

  • Photocopy of a PSA certified birth certificate

  • Photocopy of recent ITR of parents or BIR certificate of tax exemption

  • Two 2”x 2” ID photos

Applying for the LANDBANK Scholarship program

After passing the required tests or enrolling in one of 17 partner institutions, students may submit their application form and all other prerequisites to their particular university's Student Affairs Office no later than the date specified for the deadline of submission.

The total scholarship benefits this program provides arefull tuition, monthly allowance, book allowance, thesis funding, licensure examination subsidy, and Php 30, 000 – Php 50, 000 cash incentives for honor students.

Many deserving students rely on financial aid in the form of scholarships. In certain cases, financial aid or a college education financing alternative may be the only way that a student is able to pay for college. They may not be able to follow their job ambitions if they don't get this support.

It's helpful to know that the Philippines has scholarship opportunities that can help out to ease the burden of providing quality education to the students.

But it would be better if you can also save up some money by reducing other expenses such as travel costs.

With Lumina Homes, this can be achieved because of the proximity of our communities to various educational institutions from primary to tertiary education.

You and your kids will also be spared from the time-consuming travels going to school apart from the extra costs of renting a dormitory or an apartment near the school. So be smart in your homebuying journey and choose a community that has proximity to schools and colleges like Lumina Homes!

Start your practical living with us and make your home reservations now!


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