Best Audiobook Apps of 2021 for Android & IOS (2022)

Audiobooks were published by American Foundation in 1932 for the first time to help blinds enjoy reading books like others. However, it takes no time for all of us to recognize it’s not just profitable for blinds. The experience of listening to the best books was enjoyable enough to make people all around the world start making Audiobooks a part of their life.

By developing digital solutions, Audiobook apps have been designed with a lot of amazing features that enable book lovers to have more control over what and how to listen to the books. The benefits of Audiobooks offered in the apps or websites are not just limited to entertainment. A wide variety of audiobooks are recorded for education and training as well.

The most popular Audiobook apps are now offering different types of books to satisfy all people desiring to listen to the various types of books for different reasons such as:

  • The kids who can’t read the books yet
  • The illiterate people who can’t read the alphabet
  • The busy people who don’t have time to read physical books or eBooks
  • The people who are used to listening to audiobooks to sleep
  • The people who want to enjoy listening to audiobooks in their free time especially when traveling, driving, etc.

The purpose of listening to audiobooks is not limited to what we mentioned above. Everyone may love listening to Audiobooks for many different reasons. We are not here to count these reasons for you, we are here to help you find the best Audiobook apps and enjoy experiencing this powerful solution. Stay with us!

How to find the best audiobook apps for Android and IOS?

Best Audiobook Apps of 2021 for Android & IOS (1)

To find the best audiobook apps for Android, it’s very important to look for the apps with the below features:

  • Offer diverse Audiobook categories such as Bestsellers, Novels, Non-fictions, etc.
  • Provide advanced players with extra functionality such as add audiobooks to the wish list, set the time of listening to the books, adjust listening speed, Relax with the sleep timer, etc.
  • Let you enjoy listening to the Audiobooks with high-quality narrations
  • Integrate with other Marketplaces to help you find more about a book
  • Update regularly to provide you the recent and popular books
  • Allow you to find new favorite stories through personal recommendations and libraries
  • Support downloading Audiobooks to enjoy listening to them offline
  • Enable you to switch between listening and reading

Let’s introduce you to the best Audiobook of 2021 comes with the above-mentioned features and a lot more for Android and iOS.

The best Free Audiobooks apps for Android and IOS

There are some free audiobook apps for Android and IOS with incredible features which are satisfying for occasional book listeners. Here, you can get familiar with them.

Google Play Books

Best Audiobook Apps of 2021 for Android & IOS (2)

Google Play Books offers a comprehensive collection of audio stories in various genres, including comics, nonfiction, novels, history, etc. The audio equalizer is available for free for listening to the preview of the audiobook so you can decide if you like the narration quality before purchasing.
There is no need to pay a monthly subscription to use the Google Play AudioBook app on Android or iPhones, instead, you can buy what you want over the Google Play Books marketplace.

Download Google Play Books: Android, iOS


Best Audiobook Apps of 2021 for Android & IOS (3)

LibriVox was developed as free audiobook apps for Android and iPhones which offers more than 15000 free audiobooks recorded by volunteer voices. Although the quality of narration for some of them may not be satisfying, you can find the most famous as well as the bestsellers books and listen to them by using an easy-to-use interface.

Download Librivox: Android, iOS


Best Audiobook Apps of 2021 for Android & IOS (4)

Overdrive is another free Android and IOS audiobook app designed with multi libraries in which you can find different categories of Audiobooks available to be downloaded on your mobile phone or to be played directly on the built-in player with flexible features.
Review Rate: 4.1

Download OverDrive: Android, iOS

The best Free Audiobooks apps for Android


Best Audiobook Apps of 2021 for Android & IOS (5)

Loyal Books allow you to search, find and listen to more than 7000 Audiobooks, including the most famous ones published worldwide, such as Dracula, Frankenstein, and The Origin of Species in a well-designed library. It is also to download those Audiobooks and listen to them with your own player on the Smartphones.

Review Rate: 4.1

Download Loyal books: Android


Best Audiobook Apps of 2021 for Android & IOS (6)

PROJECT GUTENBERG is a well-known publisher offering more than 58,000 ebooks in different genres, especially educational or Academic books. In recent years, it has developed an Audiobook app for Android to enable their book lovers to listen to a huge number of books published by this publisher in philosophy, Classic, nonfiction, etc.

Review Rate: 4.0

Download Loyal books: Android


Best Audiobook Apps of 2021 for Android & IOS (7)

Storynory is a wonderful audiobook app for kids. There are various types of Classics, fantasy, or musical audiobooks available in this application to make your children enjoy listening to them. All audio stories are entertainingly recorded by Natasha Gostwick voice. If you want to download an Audiobook app to use for your kids on bedtime, journey, or even at school, don’t hesitate to push the below do2nload link which is totally free.
Review Rate: 4.6

Download Loyal books: Android

Best Audiobook Apps of 2021 for Android & IOS (8)

The best premium Audiobooks apps for Android and IOS

If you are a professional book reader or one of those Audiobook lovers addicted to listening to the books every day, it’s obvious that the free Audiobook apps will not satisfy you. So, you need to download one or more premium apps, pay for their subscription and enjoy listening to the best and latest books directly from your smartphones.
Here are the most popular premium Audiobooks apps for Android and IOS:


Best Audiobook Apps of 2021 for Android & IOS (9)

AUDIBLE with more than 100 million downloads on the Google Play Store is, without doubt, one of the most comprehensive Android audiobook apps offering a large variety of audiobooks in various genres including mystery, sci-fi, fantasy, thriller, and so on.
Audible offers a 30 days trial for the first download to discover more than 470,000 Audio stories and enjoy prebuilt play with powerful features, when the free trial is over, you need to pay a $14.95 per month subscription.

Sign up at


Best Audiobook Apps of 2021 for Android & IOS (10) is one of the most famous websites for downloading Audio stories. In recent years, RB Audiobooks has been developed by this website on a cloud-based platform for Android and iOS listeners. To subscribe and choose from a library of more than 150,000 audiobooks from every genre that they can stream or download for offline listening, you need to pay a $14.95 per month subscription.

Download Android, iOS


Best Audiobook Apps of 2021 for Android & IOS (11)

Downpour works as a real library for renting books which means by paying $12.99 a month, you have access to listen to one Audiobook for up to 60 days. After this period, the Audiobook will disappear from your personal library and you have to pay again and start listening to the newest published books with a full featured built-in Audiobook player.

Download Downpour: Android, iOS


Best Audiobook Apps of 2021 for Android & IOS (12)

Scribd is known as a user-friendly audiobook app available on the Google Play Store and App Store for Android and IOS with more than 10 million active users. It offers a huge number of free audiobooks for book lovers as well as the Audio versions of the newest and bestsellers in its membership plan which costs $8.99 per month after a one-month free trial.

The audio player developed in the Scribd app comes with a lot of advanced features like adjusting the speed of narration and sleep timer.

Review Rate: 4.5

Download Scribd: Android, iOS

The best premium Audiobooks apps for Android


Best Audiobook Apps of 2021 for Android & IOS (13)

In the stories as a Premium Audiobook app for Android, you can find over 100,000 titles among bestsellers and new releases and enjoy listening to one of them by paying $11.99 a month. The way of having access to the Audiobook is optional and you can download or playbooks using the feature-rich mobile app or web player.

Download Loyal books: Android

Review Rate: 4.1


Best Audiobook Apps of 2021 for Android & IOS (14)

Libro.FM enables you to buy your favorite books among more than 150,000 audiobooks on its online bookstores and listen to their audio versions with high-quality narrations. You can also pay $0.99 as the first-month subscription cost and enjoy getting one audiobook. Over the next month, the subscription price of Libro.FM is $14.99 per month for one Audiobook.

Download Loyal books: Android

Review Rate: 4.8

Smart Audiobook Player

Best Audiobook Apps of 2021 for Android & IOS (15)

The Smart Audiobook Player is one of the best Audiobooks for Android users to listen to DRM-free audiobooks and enjoy working with a built-in player developed by incredible features such as audio equalizer and fine-tune tools, sleep timer, variable playback speed, bookmarking, some basic collection management features, control widgets for the notification tray and your home screen. The app offers book readers a generous 30-day free trial before asking for a $1.99 unlock.

Download Smart AudioBook Player: Android

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There are many audiobook apps in the Play Store, App Store, or other Marketplaces, but you need to find the right application according to your needs to satisfy your reading experience.
If you think the Audiobook apps, we introduced above are not enough for finding the ideal options you are looking for, the below list may also be helpful:

  • Sirin: Free, Review Rate: 4.7, Download for Android
  • Voice Audiobook Player: Free, Download for Android
  • Kobo Books: Free, Download for Android, iOS
  • Bookmobile: $3.99 after free trial, Download for iOS
  • Nook Audiobooks: Free, Download for Android, iOS
  • Audiobooks Now: Free, Download for Android, iOS
  • Storytel: Review Rate: 4.3, Free, Download for Android

We hope you enjoy unlimited listening and reading of audiobooks and e-books in English and other languages by downloading these Audiobook apps for Android or iOS.

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