About - Icinga 2 (2023)

What is Icinga 2?

Icinga is a monitoring system which checksthe availability of your network resources, notifies users of outages, and generatesperformance data for reporting.

Scalable and extensible, Icinga can monitor large, complex environments acrossmultiple locations. This includes your data center as well as your private, public, or hybrid clouds.

(Video) Why would you want to use Icinga?

Icinga 2 is the monitoring server and requires Icinga Web 2on top in your Icinga Stack. The configurationcan be easily managed with either the Icinga Director,config management tools or plain text within the Icinga DSL.

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Start with Icinga

Once Icinga Server and Web are running in your distributed environment,make sure to check out the many Icinga modulesfor even better monitoring.

What’s New

You can follow the development and release milestones on GitHub.Please follow our release announcements on icinga.com too.

(Video) Icinga 2: vSphere/ESXi Integration (Webinar vom 29.08.2018)


Check the project website at icinga.com for status updates. Join thecommunity channels for questionsor get in touch for professional support.


There are many ways to contribute to Icinga – whether it be sending patches,testing, reporting bugs or reviewing and updating the documentation. Everycontribution is appreciated!

(Video) ICINGA2 - Hosts und Services hinzufügen (ohne Director)

Please continue reading in the Contributing chapter.

Security Issues

For reporting security issues please visit this page.

(Video) Bernd Erk - Why favour Icinga over Nagios

Icinga 2 Development

The Git repository is located on GitHub.

Icinga 2 is written in C++ and can be built on Linux/Unix and Windows.Read more about development builds in the development chapter.

(Video) Icinga Monitoring Tool Tutorial -1-How to Setup Icinga2 Monitoring Server on CentOS 7/RHEL 7


Icinga 2 and the Icinga 2 documentation are licensed under the terms of the GNUGeneral Public License Version 2. You will find a copy of this license in theLICENSE file included in the source package.


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