50 Small and Virtual Reality Business Ideas for 2019 (2023)

50 Small and Virtual Reality Business Ideas for 2019 (1)

Growing at an exponential rate, it is not impossible for the global virtual reality industry to be worth more than $100 billion by 2025. Looking at the statistics, some people want to start their own virtual reality business. Many people and businessmen want to take a slice of this hundred billion dollar industry.

The problem? Most of them don’t know where to start and how to begin.

50 Small and Virtual Reality Business Ideas for 2019 (2)

If you’re one of them, worry not! In this blog, we listed 50 VR business ideas that you can start this 2019. If you have a great interest in this technology, then you can try them!

VR Marketing Agency

There are a lot of marketing agencies already, but they’re only a few offers VR marketing. As a VR marketing agency, you can target businesses and brands who want to launch a VR marketing campaign.


VR Museum Tours

Museums can offer immersive online tours to people from different parts of the world. With it, people can see the displays and the description of each one from the convenience of a VR headset. Museums can also use VR presentations to make their exhibits more unique, exciting, and attractive to the public.


VR Real Estate Broker

An increasing number of real estate agencies are already using VR to promote and show properties to potential buyers online. The strategy is super effective that every realtor plans to use it.

This is simple. All you need to do is find a VR company who will help you create the virtual tours of the properties you sell. Then, show these VR tours to your intended clients. VR tours are enhanced and quicker versions of on-site visits. They can still go around and inspect the property like they’re in the house.

It is important to invest in a quality VR headset and the visuals. Your sale is at risk when the hardware or software malfunctions.


VR Content Creation

In VR, content is KING. You can be on top of this industry if you provide great VR content to a wide variety of consumers and industries.

VR Consultancy

If you are a tech expert who specializes in VR, why not offer consultancy services to businesses who want to use this technology? VR is a huge investment, people are thinking twice before they dive in it. They need inputs from experts like you.

VR Product Research

A good VR product starts as research. This is not academic. This is pure business. A VR researcher’s task is to make sure that they have the data and vision to create a product that puts them on top of every other VR app or game creator.

VR Game Developer

If you design and develop games for a living, why not try to dip your fingers in VR technology? VR games will be in demand for a long period of time. Study it, swim in shallow waters and you’ll find yourself swimming deep into this industry.

VR Exercise Helper

In our previous blog, we discussed how VR improves today’s gyms and fitness centres. Some VR games today are helping us get fit. Some, immerse us in tranquil environments where we can relax.

VR Therapy Clinic

Are you a psychiatrist or a psychologist who believes that VR can be a tool to treat depression, PTSD, autism, and phobias? Do you believe that it can reduce people’s stress? Well, you can equip your practice with VR. Or, you can provide other therapy clinics with VR environments that can help your patients.

VR App Creator for the Health Industry

VR has a lot of applications in the health industry. The problem? There’s a little number of people working on VR apps that can help doctors, surgeons, nurses, and other hospital staff. If you have a background in this and you are confident that you can create an app, do it. Who knows, your VR healthcare app will be the next breakthrough in this industry.

VR Hardware Rental

A VR hardware rental business can cater the people and businesses who only need VR headsets and accessories once. Your target market is the people who find the idea of buying/procuring expensive VR hardware uneconomical. For example, a company who plan to use VR headsets in their private event or parents who want to have a VR booth in their child’s birthday party. Start with offering a few units for rent, then increase your inventory as your income grows.

VR Hardware Repair

Most people treat their VR headset and accessories as luxury items. These cost a few hundred dollars (or a thousand) and it is not easy to replace them. With a VR hardware repair service, you can help people and businesses who want to repair their defective VR headsets and controllers instead of buying new ones. If you are an excellent tinker, this business idea can work for you. Consider taking several short technical training too. Those classes can help sharpen your skills.

VR Café

If you are a current or a future coffee shop owner, then consider installing VR headsets at every table. The hardware doesn’t have to be expensive. If you don’t have enough capital, opt for cheap smartphone-powered VR headsets like the Google Cardboard. With your customers connected to the wifi, they can watch VR videos and see 360-degree content that they prefer.

A VR café can attract a lot of people, especially the early adopters of this technology. Adding a VR feature to a regular coffee shop can increase visitors and boost sales.

Online VR Community (be an online influencer)

If you are the kind of person who wants to share your passion for VR with others, then building an online community of VR lovers can work for you. After getting a substantial fan base, you can conduct meet-ups, events, lectures, conferences, fairs that celebrate VR. You can earn from advertising and promoting VR products and you can get sponsorships from VR companies too.

VR Escape Room

A substitute for location-based escape rooms, a VR escape room can attract entrepreneurs who want to conduct team building activities for their remote, overseas employees. If you plan to launch your own, make sure that the escape rooms look realistic. Offer different kinds of escape rooms with varying levels of difficulty as well.

VR Dating Service or App

VR can make online dating better. With it, people can meet and experience a date with someone without leaving their houses. If they had fun together, they can set up a real date afterwards. Dating in a VR space helps people see if they’re compatible and comfortable with someone before deciding to meet them. It also helps break the ice, making someone less nervous about meeting someone.

VR Libraries

VR libraries can target people who like to read eBooks and ePub version of their favourite books. With it, authors and publishers can add immersive photos and videos to enhance their prose. Wearing VR headsets, the readers are least likely to get distracted.

VR-Powered Theatre

Immersive technology will dominate the cinemas and the movie industry in the near future. People fancy 360-degree videos a lot, and they hope to see films in that format as well. Before that happens, why not establish a theatre that will show 360-degree videos and short films? With comfortable seating, good VR headsets, and awesome media materials, you might make a good amount of money.

VR Gamer

There are young people who earn money from playing online games today, right? Therefore, it’s possible for VR gamers to monetize their past time in the future. Professional Gaming is a career and before you get there, you must dedicate long hours of playing this type of game.

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